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One of the many shocks players have when playing the Happy Wheels game ( play it here !! ) is just how unhappy it actually is. Despite this, the game is extremely amusing, addicting, and fun due to the lifeless characters that gamers control. Each character uses the popular rag-doll styled characters to flop around in a lifeless manner, giving off the appearance of a corpse. Unable to move on their own, each character relies on their own special vehicle which will help them reach the end of the level, thus beating the game.
The main purpose of the game is to arrive at the end of the finish line before passing away of a violent and bloody death. This is much harder than it seams as all Happy Wheels stages contain a sequence of barriers, obstructions, and opponents which must be passed in order to beat the game. If gamers aren’t careful enough, they may find themselves being accidentally blowing up into a billion pieces and being forced to restart the level.

The controls for the Happy Wheels game are slightly different depending on the website being played, but for the most part, the game is simple to figure out. Movement is done with the keyboard arrows while selecting the course and restarting levels is done with the mouse. The way players eject, boost, and speed up varies depending on which character is being used but typically involves the space and letter keys.

Most Flash-based games fail to attract a large audience because gamers simply get bored faster than creators can release new updates. Happy Wheels has come up with a way to prevent this by allow dedicated fans of the game to use a Happy Wheels game download level creator. Once the program is opened, users can choose from hundreds of different items, ranging from traps to walls, all to design the perfect level. Once the level has been created, it can easily be added to the site with a few clicks of a mouse. Since creating new levels is easy, there are thousands of courses to play in, guaranteeing gamers never get bored.

The genius idea of allowing users to create their own levels have given Happy Wheels an endless supply of courses that will suit everyones tastes. For example, for those who are new to the game, there are many courses designed specifically for beginners. These courses are perfect for those who are struggling to get use to the controls, or simply trying to get a feel for the game. For those who already know how to play, there are dozens of harder levels which will keep even the best Happy Wheels expert on their toes. To help guarantee that only the best levels are played, users are also given a chance to rate the levels based on their experience. The higher the rating, the higher the level appears on the course list.

While the overall concept of Happy Wheels may not sound very appealing, the game is extremely addicting. The controls are simply, there are thousands of levels to pick from, and even death is made fun thanks to the exploding characters. The only downside to the game is that there is a lot of gore, so game play should be reserved for those who are mature enough to handle it.